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The Hormone That Keeps Him Faithful

Women on Top

Women are ascendant in the office, classroom, and bedroom. That can be a good thing—for you and your sex life. Let her newfound power turn you on. (Featured in the March 2012 issue)

Type This For A Healthy Relationship

Instant message study finds that happy couples say “I”.

What Sex And Cancer Have In Common

Does a greater sex drive mean greater cancer risk?

Top Eight Love Slogans That Lie

Are love and romance invented by advertisers?

Want To Keep Your Job? Work it!

What women are doing to hold on to their paychecks.

A Better Way To Say I Love You

Step aside, Hallmark. There are better ways to say “I love you.”

All The Way On The First Date: Why Wait?

Academics explain why it may be better to wait.

Foolproof Way to Resolve Every Argument

Fighting with your man? Use the technique that will end his stay on the couch.

Two Super Bowl Ads You Won’t See This Year

If rubber mammals and extra-marital sex aren’t selling, what is?

You May Be A Victim Of This Online Dating Scheme

Online dating profile writers may threaten the integrity of online dating.

Spankin’ New Sex Drawer Necessity

Foreplay maps identify the road less traveled as part of Oprah’s 5-step plan for better sex.

Orgasmic Childbirth

“Orgasmic Birth” promises pleasurable childbirth without anesthesia. Oh, baby!

90-Year-Old Spit-Swapper Does It Again

A little old woman gets swept away by sailors.

“Web Daters Self-Promote Via Video” 

What you see is really what you get.

Lost Until I Found Jew: Online Dating at JDate

JDate Review: Why an online dating site aimed at Jews has interfaith appeal.

Finding a Rich Man Made Easy

Online dating site for singles with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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What Counts as Cheating? Women Answer

When you’re in a committed relationship, is it OK to check out, flirt or dance with other girls? We ask the Men’s Life Today Girl PanelTM for their thoughts.

How Much Wooing Is Too Much?

Don’t let your crazy-romantic gesture come back to haunt you — or her. We ask the Men’s Life Today Girl Panel.

Expert Q+A: I see this cute girl at my coffee shop all the time. I want to talk to her, but can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be totally cheesy. How do you strike up a conversation with a total stranger?

Why You Should Settle for Your College Girlfriend